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Tblisi – Georgia’s Capital and Crowning Glory

Tblisi, the capital of Georgia, is stunning.  Dramatic cliff faces plunge into its meandering river, while others staunchly pierce the blue skies above, crowned with steepled churches and rocky forts. Modern arty structures blend with old wooden cottages.  The crumbling, grapevine-strewn, latticed verandas create a picture frame for … Continue reading

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101 Reasons Not to Leave Home without… a Sarong!

Long long ago, one night in a dorm after lights out and a few too many tequilas, idle chatter in the darkness began this slightly silly list…. here it is again, updated! Can you help us get to 101? 1. … Continue reading

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House-sitting – A Pup, Some Rabbits and… Google!

Daisy and I ran after rabbits today. Squirrels darted up trees. We jumped mole hills and rabbit holes and sniffed nervously at fox burrows. I’m sure one of us would have caught something if we weren’t attached to each other by … Continue reading

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Georgia – Lesser-known Food and Wine Paradise

Georgia, where Europe, the Middle East and Asia meet… Georgia, the country, why don’t more of us know it? It hangs in the Southern Caucasus mountains just above North East Turkey and below South West Russia. Handed between the Ottomans … Continue reading

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Batumi, Georgia – When Good Beach Resorts Go Bad!

With a December average high temperature of 12°C, and average low of 6°C, we were looking forward to defrosting in Batumi. I also couldn’t wait to discover the pumping vibe of a city newly peppered with eye-wateringly futuristic architecture and … Continue reading

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Kars, Turkey – Coolness, Culture and Kebabs

Low expectations Kars was a kinky little surprise that we hadn’t been expecting. We knew we were up for a gruelling, winding, 9 hour, two bus, trip into the mountains from Trabzon to see Ani, but we figured it was … Continue reading

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Paris – A Day in the Life of a Francophile Dreamer

This post is real time – why not mix it up with a bit of “Back to the Future” in amongst the ongoing trip report! Bus, Train and Tunnel from London – Simultaneously! “What time is your Eurostar train?” everyone … Continue reading

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Ani, Turkey – Opposing Views and a Lost City

Breathtaking Journey “There is no way we could have done it. We were too busy fighting the war in the West and the South and everywhere!” said our guide adamantly. We were cruising along in his car, funky slightly belly-dancerish … Continue reading

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An 82 Year Old Wrong Finally Corrected

Originally posted on Do Svidanya Dad: Trapped in Russia:
I have returned from my journey to London, which was for the ceremony to honor Louis Brennan, my first cousin four times removed. Without exaggerating, this was the best trip I…

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Makes me smile every time I read it – how awesome are bumblers?

Originally posted on alltheness:
When my Dad passed away his mates at AirNZ said that they thought he was like a bumbler as they’re “the hardest working bees, always the first up and last to go to bed” and now…

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