101 Reasons Not to Leave Home without… a Sarong!

Sarong Curtain

Long long ago, one night in a dorm after lights out and a few too many tequilas, idle chatter in the darkness began this slightly silly list…. here it is again, updated! Can you help us get to 101?

1.  A curtain.

2. A wall – hung off a travel clothesline or bit of string tied across a small dorm room – great divider!

3. Swimming togs. Wrap one side round waist and tie at front. Bring rest through between legs, up front (optional tuck through waist tie), then over boobs and tie corners at back. Tahitian togs!!

4. Wrap around skirt or dress or pajamas – is that three uses? Ginny Love Moore (yes, I know!) convinced me that this is at least three items with her “My Simplicity Quest” Sarong Series. Something else!

5. Towel – beach or bathroom.

6. Bag – hand held by putting stuff in middle and tying the corners together at top – or over shoulder or back bag.

7. Universal sink plug – yes, I have stuffed the corner into a sink hole, and stuffed and stuffed, until it held enough water in the sink for me to do some laundry.

8. Hammock for baby. Do not try this at home. No liability to attach to the writer of this article for loss or damage caused at home or elsewhere!

9. Sunshade.

10. Head scarf – for churches, mosques or Islamic countries – or to protect your ‘do’ when the top is down! 😉  Or more likely on the back of a truck or motorbike.

11. Dust cover – see latter use in 10 above.

12. Over the shoulder boulder disguiser…in other words, hiding your goods when the top is just a bit low for the place or person.

13. Camera cover – hanging loosely round neck and down front, it hides a fairly large camera and camera neck strap, for quick snapping and disguise.

14. Mop e.g. when you hit what you think is the ‘flush’ button on a funky electric Japanese toilet and it turns out to be ‘bidet’ squirting you (standing) and the entire room with warm (luckily clean!) water!

15. Picnic blanket.

16. Floor protector and ‘cut and throw’ – when a dorm room becomes a make shift hair salon.

17. A washing line – twist, tie between to fixed points, throw over clothes.

18. A whip – with a quick flick of 17.

19. A sleep sheet/bed cover – throw over pillow and sheets on those beds that just seem bed-bug-ready.

20. A hanky. Or similar…

21. A triangle bandage – arm sling.

22. A tourniquet.

24. A tow rope.

25. Pashmina – for added warmth or sun shade.

26. Neck scarf – elegance!

27. Mosquito net.

New additions:

28. Dress (brought down from 4 above)

29. Pajamas (brought down from 4 above). Thanks Ginny!

30. A baby carrier on your back.

29. A fridge.  Wrap around beers or wine, then tie ends to a tree or secure under rocks on the edge of an icy river or swimming pool, dunk and leave!

30. A Gazebo – tied between four trees or points.

31. A sleeping bag – folded in half and tied together at the corners and perhaps at a mid-point also. Snuggle on in!

32. A sleigh/sled for small kids or animals – probably pulled by a tired adult or small donkey?!

33. A sand blocker at the beach – tie low to the ground between two sun umbrellas, unused cricket wickets or other stakes in the ground.

34. A signal – wave hard at passing planes when lost in the bush. A good reason to have a brightly coloured sarong!

35. A helicopter landing pad – once you are found!

36. Hand cuffs – for when you make a citizen’s arrest of course!

37. Blindfold – for surprises!

38.  Animal trap – lie it on the ground with strong twine attached to each corner running up to a central point. When your furry friend walks onto the “trap” to eat the yummy morsel resting there, pull!

39. Muslin for making paneer or other soft cheese.

40. Strainer for tea.

41.  Smoker. Wet the sarong and lay over food on embers to hold in the tasty flavours!

42. Smoke Dispenser – flap widely between burning toast and blaring fire alarm!

43. Smoke mask. Used wet.

44. Face mask for smog or when you are spluttering. Used dry.

45. Smoke Block – Wet sarong and place across the gap under the door to block smoke from coming in – at least for a while!

46. Insulator. Reverse effect of 46. Keeps heat in!

47. Hand protector – wrap around hand several times before breaking glass with fist!

48. Shoe – if you’re walking across hot sand or coals and have nothing else!

50. A flag – backpackers are here!!

51. Nappies. For the long bus ride with no imodium handy? Eeoouuww.

52. A toilet cubicle… self or other held, for those times there are no amenities except the side of a road. Trust me, it happens!

53. A sleep mask to block out light.

56. A tea towel, for dishes.

57. A conversation starter – yes, my sarong was bought in Rio!

58. A travel sickness bag.

59. A table cloth.

60. …

Let your creativity run wild! And, don’t leave home without one!

Word of Advice: It is recommended where possible to wash your sarong between uses!

Ladies, while you think about it, you might want to sit back and enjoy some tropical music and some great ways to tie your sarong….

What item could you not travel without?

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2 Responses to 101 Reasons Not to Leave Home without… a Sarong!

  1. kjw616 says:

    Yeah! You’re back! I read all your sarong tips and watched the video. Then I ran to check out a closet where my daughter left some of her clothes behind, and I found what I hoped I would– an untouched sarong. Now I have to get to work going down your list.

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