An 82 Year Old Wrong Finally Corrected

The magical power of blogging strikes again! New international connections made!! Fantastic write up Karen – better than any of the newspapers you were also featured in!! 😉

Do Svidanya Dad

I have returned from my journey to London, which was for the ceremony to honor Louis Brennan, my first cousin four times removed. Without exaggerating, this was the best trip I have ever taken. I had been aware of the plans to honor this Irish inventor for many years, but I had no expectations whatsoever. Was the grandeur overstated by my liaison in Ireland, Brian Hoban, or was this event to be as well-attended as he had promised?  Would the arrival of my husband and I even be noticed and, if the ceremony drew a crowd, would we find a seat?

Thanks to Facebook, I had no difficulty locating Brian when we arrived at their hotel in London. Within a short time, we were introduced to the contingent from Castlebar, who had arrived on the Sunday prior to the unveiling ceremony. I was surprised that they all knew who we…

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