Georgia, Armenia and Iran – Happy Holidays!!!

My sister and I met up with another good friend in Trabzon. Full circle for me, this is where I had arrived in Turkey from Russia almost a month earlier.

We had each done long trips before but now these three solo women travellers were going to have a go at travelling together! What would ensue??!!!

Iran was the destination and Trabzon was the Iranian embassy of choice. We arranged new passport photos with headscarfs and headed in. Excitement guaranteed!

It turned out that one of us needed to apply for a code from Iran before getting a visa while the others got visas on the spot.  The code would take two or more weeks.

Disappointment turned to glee however when, after a session of beer and brainstorming, it was decided that we would all wait out the code together, in Georgia and Armenia, then cross the mountains into Iran from there!! A “city break” tour to be fair but still a bonus!

The plan to head asap for the South and sun was off the table however and coat buying began. .. not to mention some new longer baggier items being needed for our main destination!!

Before we knew it we were braving minus 7 degree temperatures in Turkey’s mountain city of Kars, then a freak snow storm in the summer seaside resort of Batumi in Georgia, before enjoying the now chilly capitals of Tblisi in Georgia and Yerevan in Armenia. Visa 3 all going well soon to be in hand!

Tomorrow we head to Iran for a month,  we hope! I still plan to blog in due course about all of these incredible places and I have loved sharing this journey with you so far. It makes my journey so much richer! But for now I have decided to have the month off.

When I left New Zealand earlier this year, I was ready for a break. Next year, it is time to gather my thoughts and enthusiasms together and to generate some income again. In the meantime, I want an (albeit wintery) summer holiday, one like kids have, with no worries!!

As great as travelling with the Internet is, it sucks up a lot of time when in the ‘old days’ I might have been meeting other travellers, reading a book, meditating, creative writing, maybe even stretching a bit or doing my nails.

So, with many sites blocked in Iran anyway (without a sneaky VPN download) and wanting to reclaim ‘time’ before it is not all ‘mine’ again…. I am signing off for Christmas and the month of Jan (if I can ‘disconnect’ myself that is!!).

I look forward to reconnecting with you all again on the other side… and wish each of you a truly lovely and love-filled Christmas and a relaxing holiday that is all that you want it to be!

2014 is going to be a Bonza! So rest up for a bit…. and then get ready to rumble!!! 🙂

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6 Responses to Georgia, Armenia and Iran – Happy Holidays!!!

  1. Gaileen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us – every new instalment has been grabbed with anticipation! If one can’t currently travel, what is the next best thing? Have a wonderful friend who can put in words the thoughts, feelings, sense and smell of where they are visiting. Thank you! Have a relaxing break and I look forward to when you are refreshed and ready to take up the keyboard again. Happy Christmas and New Year. Enjoy, Gaileen.

  2. Chelle says:

    Merry Christams Sarah – have a fabulous time in Iran – very jealous!! Chelle x

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