Diyarbakir – Mourning Songs, Sticks and Stones


Man takes his turn singing Dengbe with friends

The clicking of prayer beads, round and round in the fingers of the old men, lends a soft background beat to the heartfelt songs of their Kurdish history. One by one the men take their turn in this centuries’ old routine, singing the past as the others listen quietly, occasionally mouthing the words or letting out a call in support.

Diyabakir is the heart of the Kurdish homeland in Turkey and our last stop in South East Turkey.  On a hilltop in town, there is an army base.  Military helicopters fly overhead more than once as we have our stunning breakfast of mezze pieces upstairs in an old caravanserai. The meal goes straight into our top ten meals of all time.

The Turkish tourists are back here now too. But somehow you can still feel the underlying tension… bored young guys with sticks hang behind old city walls waiting (supposedly) to hassle tourists and friendly locals wave us back to the main streets.  Police stand in groups chatting and watching on corners.

The old town is almost completely enclosed by basalt walls nearly 6 kilometres long, the current version apparently dating from AD 330-500.

Kids scamper up to us asking for “money, money” as we explore the ramparts with views over the Tigris River valley.  They show surprise when we are not from Istanbul.

A boy on a colourfully decorated horse gallops past almost knocking us over and others just want to practice their English.

The walls and gates, narrow streets, old mosques and Armenian churches make fun places to wander.

We sit quietly listening to the songs, privileged to be invited in.

Someone brings the singing men throat-soothing tea.


Caravanserai – we breakfasted upstairs


Clotted cream and honey, eggplant puree, tahini spread, fresh bread, cheese and herbs, stringy cheese… many dishes still on their way! Oh yeah – breakfast for two!!


Alleyways and Gates


A four-legged minaret?!!


Church window from the inside out – Armenian “squiggles”


“Photo! Photo!”


Ruins overlooking the Tigris River Valley


A tidied up part of the city walls.

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4 Responses to Diyarbakir – Mourning Songs, Sticks and Stones

  1. It looks wonderfuol! I was offered a job in Diyarbakir years ago when I went to work in Turkey, but I accepted the one in Istanbul as Diyarbakir seemed just a bit too adventurous! But it looks so interesting – I must visit one day.

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