Behind closed doors…. Run down on the Silk Road?!

The two young Turkish guys that welcomed us into our chosen hostel in Mardin must not have known what hit them when these two girls turned up around six o’clock at night and turned down cups of tea and a chat to go to bed.

It was Friday night and the boys were having a small party in the reception area just through our old wooden door, playing the same Western pop over and over at top volume, with singing.  Occasionally the guffaw of one of them would echo through the door and around our windowless stone cavern.

Silence from the foyer came in the small hours. Then, inside the room, the heater on some sort of thermostat would turn itself on at regular intervals to bring itself back up to heat.  Whirring as it turned up the force, it would gradually send a bright orange glow around the room. Just when you were fully woken up to the noise and light, it would click off again!

It was the only time we had been (or were ever) sick in Turkey and it had lasted a few days.  We were tired.  It was not until we felt better a few days later that we realised how low in energy we had been, and maybe just a little unusually sensitive and on the grumpy side!

I also suspect that our tiredness had coincided with the hostel boss being away and the mice playing…. “here’s your dry washing back”, not!

Turkey had lulled us into a false sense of  “top-class-service” security – which is what made this rare lack of it stand out so much!

Best advice: Always try to get a room away from reception on a Friday night when young guys are in sole charge! Unless you are not sick of course! 😉

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