Gastronomy in Gaziantep… and everywhere!


Turkish coffee and Gazantiep’s famous baklava

Gaziantep, in South East Turkey, is known across Turkey for its pistachios and for making possibly the world’s best baklava.  I did not need a second invitation to head here!

The food we have been eating in Turkey is mind-blowing – fresh, tasty and wholesome.  The streets are lined with pastry shops, kebab shops, turkish delight shops, nougat stalls… and glistening, dripping, sweet smelling things lure us at every turn …

Below are just a few of Gazantiep’s local offerings….  Help!!! 🙂


Gazantiep’s breakfast favourite “Beyran” – meat and rice in a spicy garlicky soup – accompanied by the usuals, flat bread, “Ayran” (yogurt drink), greens and lemon!


Everything cooked fresh before your eyes!


Yuvarlama – soup of chickpeas, yogurt, rice and meat


Ali Nazik – kebap on a base of mashed eggplant and yogurt – delish!!




Delicious Baklava Dilemmas!


Katmer for breakfast on day two – flatbread layered with nuts and clotted cream. I think we better walk to the bus station today!

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4 Responses to Gastronomy in Gaziantep… and everywhere!

  1. Oh, I used to live in Turkey and I haven’t been back for years. Your gorgeous photos are LITERALLY making me drool!!!!

    • Bumblebee says:

      Hi Veronica – Thanks for your message. The food here is certainly amazing – I really had no idea that Turkey had such a hidden secret! I must admit that Sicily is also on my must-see list so I was really interested to read your blog – and about the evil eye, and your book!! I bet the food there is pretty spectacular too – when you are not locked out of home?!

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