Aaaah Antalya!


Boats in the fortified Roman Harbour sporting the Turkish Flag

Founded in the 2nd century BC, Antalya on the Western Mediterranean Turkish Coast was a place for us to stop! We found an amazing room (with a view) in the old town above the fortified Roman Harbour and holed up for a week.

It probably seems odd to need a “holiday” from a “holiday” but travelling is hard work! It was great to just let your pack sprawl its belongings around the room and not to have to clear it back up. No more logistics or planning required! We slept in, washed clothes, caught up on admin, and just read and dreamed.

We also had lots of sunsets with bread wine and cheese, or Efes beer, and early nights. Of course, there would have been parties to join if we were inclined, and many great spots along the coast to visit, but the almost winter November weather and lack of crowds suited our mood for staying put.

The harbour itself  was full of motorised “sail” boats taking tourists out for short trips to see waterfalls.  “Pirates of the Carribean” type music blared out all day and into the evening giving the place a Disneyland feel.

Men flirted with every passerby calling them into their restaurants – and one man made the slightly indecent proposal of me and him taking a trip around Russia together for a certain price! I still did not partake of his offerings!

The old town was touristy but nice to wander around in and, to complete my “Fun in the Sun” mission, I ended the week with a swim in the Med. Nice!


Standard hotel breakfast with not a standard view!


Hidirlik Kalesi – possibly the remains of a 2nd Century AD lighthouse


Part of Hadrian’s Gate – Roman ruins dot the old town


Pirates of the … Mediterranean?


The View from our Balcony as the sun sets (about 4.30pm given the time of year!)


A nearby beach


Dramatic Hills in the Distance

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2 Responses to Aaaah Antalya!

  1. kjw616 says:

    Glad to see you have a traveling partner and a little relaxation, too!

    • Bumblebee says:

      Hi Karen, it is definitely a nice change to be travelling with someone, even though I do love travelling alone. There will be three of us (all ladies) travelling together in Iran (end of December to end of January) which will be fun too! We are in the process of buying some new fashions to rival the beautiful ladies of Tehran!

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