Konya, Rumi and Spinning Out! (Or, The Secret Life of God – Part 3)


Whirling Dervishes – Initial Rituals

Spinning on the spot. Kids do it. It’s fun!

I might admit to doing some spinning myself as an adult from time to time – perhaps when I am feeling especially happy, maybe after a glass or more of wine…  in the fresh air with bare feet on dewy grass… It’s fun! It’s a celebration!

In the 1200s in Konya, Turkey, an incredible thinker and poet Celaleddin Rumi, also known as Mevlana, was inspired by the repeated tapping of metal workers in the nearby bazaar and began to spin…and spin… and spin….

…a religious practice and order was begun. The Mevlana Sufi order of Whirling Dervishes. Rejoicing without words. Sufi Mysticism.

From that connected inner world, Rumi also created some incredible poetry (along with other writings) – funny, often crude, poetic tales that teach life lessons without a hint of “teaching” involved.

It was amazing to walk in Rumi’s footsteps, learn his story, visit his grave, watch a whirling performance of dervishes (click for videos of the haunting call to prayer at the start here and a slice of the whirling here)  and just to sit curled up with a newly purchased book of poems to discover this “Rumi” I had heard about but never really knew.

I even have a building urge to spin…. happiness is!


Whirling Dervishes – and one at a time…


…the spinning begins!


…and spin and spin and spin!


Mevlana Museum


Rose Garden at the Mevlana Museum – a nice place to read Rumi poems…

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