Life Design by the Little Red Bridge?


My head is a whirring mass of ideas screaming for their chance to shine,

“We’ve waited years!” some of them cry, “and we know you’ve now got time!”

As I stroll along with my head in the clouds, dreams and thoughts and prose,

pile in on the existing ones, fair bursting out my nose!

“Ok, Ok” I retort, “I know the way you feel!

If I can’t get started on you soon, this cart will loose it’s wheel!

But, hold up there, you know how hard, it was to get the visa

To spend a decent chunk of time in this paradisa!

So just sit tight, just one more month, and try to stay intact,

There’s a lot going on right now with blogs, a new language and planning all our tracks!

But I promise in a month or so, when we have savoured every corner

Of this the biggest country on earth and all its folk and fauna

I’ll give you all the time you want, you can burn my lap top up!

And I cannot wait either to be honest, even just to shut you up!

I know you have some great ideas and big dreams for the future,

But let’s just take this step by step, or men in white coats may come to get’ cha!!

Observation: There is still some winding down to be done… but future life design looks promising!

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