Moscow IV – Lenin was a red head!


I took my time looking Lenin over. I had gotten to the queuing point early to get a head start on my day.

The walk along the closed off area by the Kremlin wall passing notable Soviet graves, including Stalin himself, then into Lenin’s mausoleum and around his enbalmed, stately body would be over before it began otherwise. I wanted to make the most of it. No photos!

The father of the Russian Soviet state lay eyes shut in a neat suit and tie, hands resting on a complimentarily coloured blanket that covered him feet to chest.

I stopped and wondered at this man and all he had achieved.

I had seen his statue in parks and on walls in every Russian town I’d visited but here he was in front of me, in person. He seemed smaller in comparison and calm.

It was only as I glanced back on exiting that the light caught the red in his moustache and goatie, his hair itself receded and trimmed.

He was a red head!!




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One Response to Moscow IV – Lenin was a red head!

  1. kjw616 says:

    I did not realize this was a common practice- also North Korean, China, Phillipines, and Venezuela did this to their leaders.

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