Moscow II – St Basil’s, the Kremlin and Red Square!


If I had all the play dough in the world, and all the centuries past and present, I could not make St Basil’s.

I could stare at it all day and that would be enough to love Moscow.

St Basil’s peeks out from different crevices of the city, looking bright, shady, old or new in different lights and angles, but invariably stunning.

Straight from the night train (a seater this time!), I dumped my bag at the hostel and was out walking in the rain, or was that hail?…Snow!

Beyond happy! Like when your heart swells in your chest cavity so much you lose your breath!


Following the Kremlin Wall - Moscow River is across the road


My first view of Red Square and St Basils - My heart stopped!


Closer up - Red Square was closed! That is the start of the famous GUM department store along the top right hand side.


St Basil's from the other side with a Kremlin Tower across the Square behind it


One of many grand entrances to GUM


Ladies Lunching in a GUM cafe - thought of 'The Girls!'


Indoors - all the top brands are here


Setting up at the top of the Square for Putin to accept the Olympic Flame from Greece - Winter Olympics in Sochi February 2014!


View of the Kremlin across Moscow River and the Tsar Bell Tower Church inside

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3 Responses to Moscow II – St Basil’s, the Kremlin and Red Square!

  1. Gaileen says:

    Hi there, so glad you are enjoying Moscow. I remember the first time I saw St Basils and Red Square, the hairs on the back of my neck just stood on end – it was so amazing and the feeling of being there… incredible. Have fun! How times have changed the Gum Department Store had virtually no stock and certainly no brand names. We were being asked to sell our jeans as they could not get the modern clothes there. Cheers for now – keep up the news – living vicariously through you at the moment. Gaileen

  2. Chelle says:

    Hey Bumblebee, what a epic trip, very much enjoying reading all about your adventures! Keep enjoying!! Chelle x

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