Letting things go

20130825_093735I always thought I was a minimalist with things. I do love and hoard books and anything connected with foreign languages but otherwise I never shop. I am the hand me down girl.

I guess I treasure what I do have though. Often because it saves me from further shopping (!), but mainly for me because it represents an emotional connection to a person, memory or dream for the future. Even to a fantasy I don’t imagine will ever be realised.

Still, I was not expecting to turn into a crazed limpit, clutching at every little thing and not wanting to give it up. Having to take photos of literally everything – an old broken film camera I had as a kid, a ripped top I had not worn for years, my watering can – before I could let them go.

And wow, after being a fairly transient person who lived by the philosophy of ‘if it won’t fit in my pack, I don’t need it’ to having eight years in one place and putting down ‘roots’… (along with all my childhood and pre-travel boxes back from Mum and Dad) … there were cupboards and crevices stacked with stuff to give up!

Leaving a good job, and the end of a relationship, was torment. But then the separations continued with a tearing from every little item that represented my life as I knew it – present and past.

Down to one back pack, a jammed storage locker, and more boxes than intended with my long-suffering parents.

Then, in Harbin, I took further steps by sending some more stuff home (oops!) and jettisonning others.

It is getting easier but I still struggle… hence the postal approach. Out with the old to make room for the new… travels just now through the abyss.

World travel teaches more than the obvious.

My old mate Hector went to a loving home . The CFC shirt is tucked up safe.The ski suit Mum made meGaeden Stuff

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8 Responses to Letting things go

  1. Diane G says:

    I just had to find out where Harbin was and how far from Shanghai. What made the choice of Harbin. Is it on a railway line or did you fly in?

    • Bumblebee says:

      Hi there, I flew into Beijing and made my way overland by train to Vladivostok. I ‘d always wanted to go to Harbin do it was a great opportunity. In winter they have an incredible ice sculpture festival which is also on my hit list for another time. 🙂

      • Bumblebee says:

        Actually, after my flight from NZ to Beijing, I didn’t fly again until leaving Muscat in Oman for the UK. It was all trains, buses and boats. Budget travel and overlanding! To be recommended! 🙂

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