I found happiness on Yalu River

I found happiness on Yalu River
Cloaked under a grey sky
Lapping softly at its edges

A fisherman cast his net, and hauled
Empty again
Cast again

Excited tourists dress in North Korean costumes
Pose for photos by the bridge
A ferris wheel does not turn on the other bank
Even on weekends

Two little girls play with butterfly nets
Run through a bride and groom’s private shoot

People sit, lovers tangle
Men play mahjong on hedge-edged tables
A band moves some slow tango
Couples slide and gaze in tune

Rain catches us all
Pelts down as we run for cover
People laugh and smile, light cigarettes, wait it out
No rush
All one

The art of just being
yet in danger of extinction

(C) 2013






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4 Responses to I found happiness on Yalu River

  1. kjw616 says:

    I need a map to follow where you have been!

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