101 Uses for a Sarong

Sarong Curtain

This is a mental list I started for a laugh years ago on another trip…can you help me get to 101?

1.  A curtain.

2. A wall – hung off a travelclothesline or bit of string tied across a small dorm room – great divider!

3. Swimming togs. Wrap one side round waist and tie at front. Bring rest through between legs, up front (optional tuck through waist tie), then over boobs and tie corners at back. Tahitian togs!!

4. Wrap around skirt or dress or pajamas – is that three uses?

5. Towel – beach or bathroom.

6. Bag – hand held by putting stuff in middle and tying the corners together at top – or over shoulder or back bag.

7. Universal sink plug – yes, I have stuffed the corner into a sink hole, and stuffed and stuffed, until it held enough water in the sink for me to do some laundry.

8. Hammock for baby. Do not try this at home. No liability to attach to the writer of this article for loss or damage caused at home or elsewhere!

9. Sunshade.

10. Head scarf – for churches, mosques or Islamic countries – or to protect your ‘do’ when the top is down!;-) Or more likely on the back of a truck or motorbike.

11. Dust cover – see latter use in 10 above.

12. Over the shoulder boulder disguiser…in other words, hiding your goods when the top is just a bit low for the place or person.

13. Camera cover – hanging loosely round neck and down front, it hides a fairly large camera and camera neck strap, for quick snapping and disguise.

14. Mop e.g. when you hit what you think is the ‘flush’ buttom on a funky electric Japanese toilet and it turns out to be ‘bidet’ squirting you (standing) and the entire room with warm (luckily clean!) water!

15. Picnic blanket.

16. Floor protector and ‘cut and throw’ – when a dorm becomes a make shift hair salon.

17. A washing line – twist, tie between to fixed points, throw over clothes.

18. A whip – with a quick flick of 17.

19. A sleep sheet – throw over pillow and sheets on those beds that just seem bed-bug-ready.

20. A hanky. Or similar…

21. A triangle bandage – arm sling.

22. A tourniquet.

24. A tow rope.

25. Pashmina – for added warmth or sun shade.

26. Scarf – elegant look or added warmth.

27. Mosquito net.

Keep them coming!

Word of Advice: It is recommended where possible to wash your sarong between uses.

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2 Responses to 101 Uses for a Sarong

  1. Love this! I would certainly break down #4. Not sure if this would apply to #12 but I would add “robe” for those moments when you want to walk around in your pajamas (that might be a little bit revealing or just kinda see through at the top at least). Just grab a sarong and you don’t have to worry about it. 🙂

    Way to go on this! I hope you get to 101. I love sarongs!

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