Fat feet and smelly tevas

Teva Troubles

I’d forgotten how your body can freak out after being in a hermetically sealed flying tube for hours, then landing in intense heat, humidity and (bless it) smog… sweating, chafing, appetite and thirst mood swings, the works.

Add our favorite hard seat overnight train and thinking I’m still young enough not to have to get up to stretch and… suddenly ankles and toes balloon like alien beings straining their breaches.

That is to be expected. But the mighty Teva, the sandal that goes anywhere – climbs mountains, fords torrential rivers, and never comes off… oh! That distinctive Teva smell!

Remembering now why my Teva twins had been left at home on my last few journeys (only recently resurfacing as I cleared out my wardrobe) I embarked on some urgent online research.

It turns out that Tevas have a certain ph level that makes them slightly acidic and prone to growing certain bacteria which have a rather powerful stench for their relatively small size. i was relieved to know I was not alone.

The online community had debated long and hard the best if any effective cleaning method. The most scientific of which, after testing in labs (the same testing that gave rise to the explanation above)… I scrolled down excitedly. ..was … Marmite!

 All I had to do was coat my feet and the my Tevas in Marmite and a normal ph would be returned!

You can imagine the mortification for a Kiwi like me not to have said Marmite at the ready in my bag – despite NZ just now exiting a long and difficult marmite drought following the Christchurch earthquake. On the other hand, did I want people sniffing around me for the toast?

I whipped out the toothbrush and sard wonder soap instead and a regular monitoring programme has begun.

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